Grooved fittings

Grooved pipe fittings

Grooved coupling systems have been used in pipe connections worldwide for many years. Both pipe ends to be connected incorporate a groove which is dimensioned to match with the coupling. Grooved couplings eliminates the need for screwed, welded or flanged connections. Grooved fittings used with grooved couplings are an efficient method of changing direction, adding an outlet and reducing or capping grooved piping systems. This wide product range of mechanical pipe connection systems used in building services, industrial facilities, plant construction and machinery.


  • Material: ductile iron, red painted or hot dipped galvanized
  • Certified according to standards: FM, UL
  • Range of application: Pumping of water, compressed air and abrasive media
  • Suitable for the system Victaulic, Grinell (Tyco) and Quikcoup

 Why grooved piping solutions?

  • Fast Assembly: Grooved systems allow quick, simple and consistent installation.
  • Cost-effective: Reduce labor costs and the need for fire or hot-works permits.
  • Compatibility with hazardous environments: No welding or cutting means grooved products are ideal for hazardous sites.