Gasket for grooved flange No. KF

Gasket for grooved flange No. KF

  • Material: EPDM or NITRILE
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046-KF-060 + 046-KF-060vEPDM1 046-KFD-EPDM-060
046-KF-060 + 046-KF-060vNITRILE1 046-KFD-NITRIL-060
046-KF-073 + 046-KF-073vEPDM1 046-KFD-EPDM-073
046-KF-073 + 046-KF-073vNITRILE1 046-KFD-NITRIL-073
046-KF-076 + 046-KF-076vEPDM1 046-KFD-EPDM-076
046-KF-076 + 046-KF-076vNITRILE1 046-KFD-NITRIL-076
046-KF-088 + 046-KF-088vEPDM1 046-KFD-EPDM-088
046-KF-088 + 046-KF-088vNITRILE1 046-KFD-NITRIL-088
046-KF-114 + 046-KF-114vEPDM1 046-KFD-EPDM-114
046-KF-114 + 046-KF-114vNITRILE1 046-KFD-NITRIL-114
046-KF-139 + 046-KF-139vEPDM1 046-KFD-EPDM-139
046-KF-139 + 046-KF-139vNITRILE1 046-KFD-NITRIL-139
046-KF-165 + 046-KF-165vEPDM1 046-KFD-EPDM-165
046-KF-165 + 046-KF-165vNITRILE1 046-KFD-NITRIL-165
046-KF-168 + 046-KF-168vEPDM1 046-KFD-EPDM-168
046-KF-168 + 046-KF-168vNITRILE1 046-KFD-NITRIL-168
046-KF-219 + 046-KF-219vEPDM1 046-KFD-EPDM-219
046-KF-219 + 046-KF-219vNITRILE1 046-KFD-NITRIL-219
046-KF-273 + 046-KF-273vEPDM1 046-KFD-EPDM-273
046-KF-273 + 046-KF-273vNITRILE1 046-KFD-NITRIL-273
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