Camlock couplings

DIN EN 14420-7 (DIN 2828), MIL-A-A-59326A (MIL-C-27487) *

aluminum, brass, polypropylene, stainless steel

*similar to standard

Cam and groove couplings

The standard for cam and groove couplings is based on the US Military Specification Mil-C-27487. In 1998, the original Mil-C-27487 specification was replaced by a new Federal Military standard: A-A-59326A.

The European standard EN 14420-7 was approved by CEN in September 2004, and was applied to cam and groove couplings manufactured to American “military specification” MIL-C-27487 / A-A-59326A. This American standard does not apply to the connection side, but only to the coupling side. Other parts like levers, bolts, rings and seals are not standardized.

Cam and groove couplings produced to EN 14420-7 are interchangeable with those produced to the original MIL-C-27487 standard, but differ in terms of hose tail design, thread, part number etc. A flat thread seal has been added to the female threaded parts, and a smooth hose shank has been added for assembly with safety clamps.

European standard EN 14420-7 replaces DIN 2828 but does not replace MIL-C-27487 and Federal Mil A-A-59326A.

The cam and groove coupling is a simple and effective system to establish direct and perfect tightness between two elements (hose-hose, hose-fixed point). The connection is easily made by inserting the adaptor (male part) into the coupler (female part). The locking is assured by the cams of the coupler. The tightness is made by the constant and uniform pressure of the adaptor on the gasket of the coupler.

Operation: Cam & groove couplings are used for the transfer of liquids or dry bulk products, except liquid gas and steam.

Cam and groove couplings are available in the following materials: aluminum, brass, polypropylene, stainless steel