Mortar couplings and accessories

Mortar couplings and plugs

Mortar couplings are lever couplings – however, not compatible with standard camlock couplings. Connecting follows a simple principle: female and male parts made of casting or steel are locked by two handles. You only have to pay attention to the two different measuring systems used in the market (22 and 23.5 in size). Only the same system size is interchangeable.

The mortar couplings with hose stem are available in the variants normal clamping and hydraulic crimping. The mortar coupling male adapter with the rotatable hose stem ensures that the hose does not twist for ergonomic ahndling and working.

Product features:

  • Robust, reliable, absolutely leakage-proof and durable
  • Easy and fast handling
  • Rotatable version for permanent floating of mostly rigid mortar hoses
  • Different sizes, versions and connection types

Mortar pressure gauge

  • mortar pressure determination for plastering machines
  • different connections and sizes
  • 360° rotatable and interchangeable, easy to clean
  • early detection of plugging or overloading of the pump motor
  • serves to a large extent for the operators safety